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Knowledge To Tap New Markets

The Person

Thomas Fortkord looks back on more than 20 years of wide experience in the international project industry as well as sales and procurement services in managing positions. He had also started up several sales office abroad.

Thomas has been head of the board of foreign trade examiners at the Chamber of Commerce Düsseldorf, Germany since 2010.


We train you to understand the diversity of international business so you can successfully manage your every day work.
For you and your team we offer individual training workshops and seminars on foreign trade, including:

Customs- and Foreign Trade Legislation

  • Customs declaration & procedure
  • European Single Market vs. Third Countries
  • Import / Export rules & regulations
  • Export control
  • Import regulation of other countries
  • Processing of international purchase orders / deliveries
  • The VAT within transactions between the EU and Switzerland
  • Chain and triangle transactions
  • Import / Export documents
  • Documents specific to destination respectively origin
  • Certificates of origin / preferential origin
  • EC domestic market and other customs unions

Commercial Contracts

  • International sales / purchasing contracts
  • UN International Sales Convention
  • Place of jurisdiction / arbitration agreement
  • International payment terms
  • Incoterms® and their influence on other terms & conditions
  • Impact of sales / purchasing contracts on documentary payment transactions
  • Import / Export Calculation
  • 3rd party inspection

Bank Transactions

  • Financing and payment surety in foreign trade
  • Letter of Credit - Types, functions, and risks
  • Bank guarantees (payment / performance)
  • Sureties and effects on the credit line
  • Transfer / purchase of financial claims
  • Export credit insurance
  • Price hedging and futures transactions
  • Exchange cover with transactions in foreign currency
  • Reporting obligations
  • Laws and regulations
  • Embargos and punishability risks with foreign transactions

Transport & Logistics

  • Freight types
  • Freight contracts
  • Calculation of freight costs
  • Transport insurance
  • International logistics & freight documents
  • Import- & Export order handling and management
  • Transport organization with Sea-Air mode of transport
  • Handling of dangerous goods
  • Packing instructions (esp. ISPM 15)

Current workshops

  • Banking Transactions in Foreign Trade
  • Entire Export
  • Import | Export – Practice Guideline
  • International Trade for Technical Staff