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Fortkord - Business Development in Europe

We are a Germany-based trade and consulting agency for industries operating on international scale.

Our Company


Trade agency & Sales service
Global sourcing & procurement

Market management

To create sustainable values markets need to be managed in a professional way.

Along with our clients we analyze the target markets, create business plans, develop corresponding budgeting, and launch the project with in-field sales and procurement activity.



Fortkord GmbH trains you to understand the diversity of international business so you can successfully manage your every day work.

For you and your team Fortkord GmbH offers divers individual training workshops and seminars on foreign trade, including:


Foreign trade & international procurement consulting

We are familiar with the different regulations of miscellaneous markets which enables us to properly advise your foreign trade departments and organize corresponding operational processes in an optimized way.

We also take care about the training of your staff to contribute to your success.

Why us

WE ...

create market access
help your company to a successful market position
stand for professional market management
create sustainable values
conduct relevant market research
lead the process
operate with profund expertise in international marketing and procurement
have thorough knowledge of local marketing context
extend and reinforce your knowledge on international Business
work closely with all HQ functions to lead and drive the marketing plan
help you to advance when you want more

Fortkord when you want more Fortkord


Over the past few years, we helped out several inter-
nationally renown companies. As a result, Fortkord GmbH
attained internationally established brands for our principals.


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Am Weidenbruch 17
47447 Moers | Germany
+ 49 2841 88 97 180